Writing for the Third Album Has Begun!

We are very excited to announce that we have begun writing material for our third album. It feels good to be back in the studio and knocking out new material. We've got a bunch of new ideas and can't wait to start recording. We were absolutely amazed by the reception of our sophomore album "I Walk Down Your Street". It was a great feeling to hear from all of our fans in all corners of the United States they were listening to our songs on the radio. We are so proud of that second album and appreciate all of the support. We couldn't have done it without all of cameos from local Flathead Valley musicians. Huge shoutout to all you featured on the album. We hope to have many of you back on the new album. Keep an eye out for updates on the third album. We will be likely doing a kickstarter campaign here in the late spring to help fund our project. Spread the word. Thanks Seeds fans.

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